Slope Matters!

If my gutters are a little crooked or sagging, it’s not a big deal, right?
Wrong! If your gutters aren’t properly sloped, water will not drain the way it’s supposed to! It will accumulate inside the gutter instead of draining to the downspouts, and then it can over flow and drench your house and it’s foundation!
Also, if your gutters are hung incorrectly or sagging too much, they could fall! They could potentially rip your siding off with them! Even if the siding stays up, it could get ruined. Just like water can get under the shingles, it can get under your siding. Once there, it can eat away at the wall materials and create a fertile environment for pests, as well as for mold! Mold loves vinyl siding, especially in areas that don’t get much direct light. Mold is unhealthy, ugly, and destructive. You will have to re-install all new siding, which is a pricey endeavor.
Besides the siding, there’s the foundation! When your gutters are backed up, the water just spills out and into the soil around your house. Soil can only absorb so much water, and that water has to go somewhere else. And all too often, “somewhere else” is your foundation and basement.
A basement flood can cost you thousands of dollars, but foundation problems can cost you your house. A house on an unstable foundation can be condemned by the state if you let it go long enough. This is serious business.
4) Your Patio and Driveway are Damaged!
Water will seep into pretty much any concrete fixture eventually: there’s only so much a sealant can do against a steady stream of water. Eventually, it’ll cause cracks, rust rebar supports and cause other damage. A proper gutter system above your garage will help direct water away so that it isn’t draining out onto your driveway, causing a small river every time it rains.

At Prestigious Raingutters, we have 25 years of experience cleaning, repairing and maintaining all types of rain gutters in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas. Let us help you make sure the gutters on your house, apartment, or commercial building are secure and properly sloped. Call us for a free estimate.

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