Protect Your Gutters!

So you just installed some brand new gutters – fantastic! They will help protect your home. But what about protecting your gutters?

Screens can help protect your gutters from debris that can get inside and potentially cause blockage. Screens can also protect against animals that might like to make your new gutters their new home!

There’s another danger to gutters – ladders! Most gutters these days are made of aluminum. It’s a lightweight material, which can be made in long seamless runs that help to eliminate leaks! Aluminum is a great choice for gutters, however it’s light, malleable nature also means that it dents easily. Steel and copper are stronger materials, but they are not immune to dents either. When you need to get onto your roof to have work done, to clean your gutters, to get that neighbor kid’s kite that’s stuck up there – often times you will find yourself laying a ladder up against the roof and climbing up. But what else is up there by your roof line? That’s right – gutters! Laying a heavy ladder up against your gutters can really put some pressure on them causing dents. How can this be avoided?

Generally people try to find a section of the roof that might have a little space for a ladder, but if you have gutters on all of your roof lines, this is going to be tricky! Lucky for you, someone invented something to help you out! We can install a Gutter Saver for you! A Gutter Saver is a lightweight, durable structure that will give you a safe place to place your ladder, while not disrupting the drainage flow of your gutters. No more dings, scratches, and dents!

Just go ahead and ask us about adding a Gutter Saver to your new or existing gutters! It’s quick and easy.

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