Copper Rain Gutters- Elegant Performance

Copper rain gutters can add elegance and sophistication to your home while serving a much needed, functional purpose.

One of the biggest benefits to copper gutters is their durability and longevity. When you make the investment in these types of gutters, you are saving money in the long run, because they will not need to be replaced as often as other materials. Copper rain gutters do not rust or rot. They will stay intact for decades. Copper rain gutters have been known to last for 80 years or more! They tend to require less maintenance than aluminum or other materials as well. They can easily withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions without weakening. The heat and dryness of areas such as the San Fernando Valley will not have an adverse effect.
Copper rain gutters add monetary value to your home and drastically increase curb appeal. You simply cannot deny the attractive appearance of the metal.
Over time, copper oxidizes and forms a coating known as patina. The patina can be green or brown in color, and actually helps prevent further corrosion. Normally, it takes at least six years for the patina to form although it is possible to speed up the process with certain chemical treatments. However, if you like the natural look of copper, then you will have to apply sealants that prevent the copper from oxidizing. Many people prefer the patina especially in older homes made from stone or stucco. There are also a variety of custom additions available in copper. You can add Leader heads to accentuate the front of your home, or Rain chains instead of downspouts to perfect your patio/backyard.

With material as expensive as copper, you want to be sure that your gutters are installed professionally. At Prestigious Raingutters, we have over 20 years experience installing copper rain gutters in the Los Angeles area, and we know exactly how to secure them in place for optimum performance and durability.

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Clean and Screen in 2014!

You have gutters on your house. Great! That means you saved yourself hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in repair costs associated with water damage! But you can’t just stick them up and forget about them… You have to maintain them so that they work properly.
Gutters catch water that falls off the roof. Unfortunately, they catch other things that happen to fall off your roof as well, such as leaves, twigs, etc. This debris can clog your gutters and then when water rolls off your roof into the gutters, it can’t drain down the downspouts and ends up overflowing. The water then causes as much damage as it would if there were no gutters to begin with! And if there is enough debris, it can get soaked and heavy, causing sagging. This can throw off the slope of the gutters and even when you remove the debris, they can be bent out of shape and not work properly. In worst-case scenarios, the gutters can detach from the house and fall – which can cause damage to anyone or anything underneath them, as well as ruining the fascia boards they were attached to!
For these reasons, you need to be sure your gutters are cleaned at least once a year. If you have many trees around your home that shed a greater amount of leaves and debris you might have to clean them more frequently. If this is the case, you might want to consider getting gutter screens installed as well. Screens easily pop into place over the top of the gutters and allow water in, but block most other debris from getting inside the gutters and backing them up. Screens will not be a magical get-out-of-cleaning-your-gutters-free card. You will still need to pay attention and clear out debris that makes its way past the screens and also anything that might settle on them. It’s a far easier task, but it still must be done.
At Prestigious Raingutters, we’ve been working on rain gutters all over the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for over 25 years. We can help you install screens on your gutters in LA and the Valley. We can also help you clean them! We are licensed and insured and we provide free estimates. Give us a call today! 1-800-993-1193

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Rain Gutter profiles 101

Rain gutters come in different shapes, or styles. For reference check out our products tab. The two most commonly used are K-Style (also referred to as OGEE) and Half-Round, both of which can be fabricated without seams. We also offer Box style Gutters which have become very popular in recent years.

What are the differences?

K-Style or OGEE gutters (“Ogee” is an architectural term for a form that goes from small to large) are arguably the most popular type of gutter installed today. When you look at a K-Style gutter straight on, they have an appearance on your roofline that resembles the shape of crown molding. Their attractive shape and reasonable price makes them appealing to homeowners. They are highly effective, and can hold more water than a half round style gutter with the equivalent diameter. They can be made of different materials as well, such as seamless aluminum, steel, and copper. The downspouts on K-Style gutters are often rectangular. K-Styles are ideal for applications where a flat fascia has been installed. For slanted or angled fascia, brackets are applied so that the gutter hangs securely at the correct angle.

Half Round gutters look like a half-circle, hence the name. The half-round profile goes with virtually any style of home architecture. They can also be made with different materials; such as copper, steel, or aluminum. Half-round gutters are most commonly used in southern California on spanish style homes. They’re often used on custom homes as well, and the shape even allows for the material (most commonly copper) to be embossed, for a very elegant touch to the architecture of the home. Half-round gutters function the same way as K-Style gutters, and they are usually paired with a matching round downspout. The half-round design is sometimes easier to clean because the surface is smooth, and there are no corners or creases for dirt or debris to become lodged.

There are Box style profiles also available (including Fascia and M-style). Box gutter is a perfect fit for modern architecture. This minimalist style (literally a box) can be fabricated in the M-style, flat on all sides, or with a small box trim at the top of the gutter profile. The trim helps to add rigidity to the gutter and keeps the face of the gutters from looking wavy. We can manufacture this style in virtually any size. These gutters are typically paired with smooth downspouts. If considering this style we recommend using steel or copper so that the gutter seams and custom cut downspouts can be soldered together. The Fascia profiles are designed to look like fascia boards, giving the appearance that your home doesn’t have gutters, yet still providing protection from water damage.

Whichever style you choose, Prestigious Raingutters can make sure your gutters are properly installed protecting your home from water damage. Call us for a free estimate.

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Gutter Noise Keeping You Awake?

We get this phone call every year – “Help me, my gutters are making a horrible, LOUD dripping sound right outside my bedroom window and I can’t sleep!” The main cause for this is simple…. because the bottoms of your downspouts are usually curved to direct water away from your home’s foundation, drops of water can fall straight down through your downspout and when they hit the bottom curved piece of metal/copper/aluminum, it makes a drip sound which is echoed back up through the downspout to annoy you. AH!!!
What can you do about it? Well… there are a few things you can try.
* The first, and easiest option, is to simply place a sponge in the bottom part of your downspout. Many times that’s all it takes to soften the blow when those water droplets hit the bottom, and it doesn’t make a sound.
* Some people have found success in using a rope or ropes – by cutting them the length of the downspout and attaching them at the top of the gutter and dropping them through the downspout, water will have something to attach itself to that will help guide it down to the ground without a noisy free-fall.
* Many times you can cure a noisy gutter by angling the downspout. The angled downspout works because the water droplets will run down along the sides of the downspout rather than falling straight down to the bottom. Most people use this as a last resort to avoid the extra work and having to look at an uneven downspout, but to a lot of people, a drip-free night’s sleep is worth it! If you choose to go this route, you might want to give us a call to come help you. We can make sure the downspout is removed and re-installed properly without causing any leaks or damage to your gutters. We give free estimates, give us a call at 818-993-0493!

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Lose the Seams!

Most all gutters used to be manufactured the same way: steel pieces were soldered together using welding torches. All that changed with the advent of aluminum gutters that required little more than snap-on fasteners and elbow grease to go up. The great advantage of these lightweight, rust-resistant gutters is that they could be installed without difficulty, often in the space of an afternoon. The disadvantage, however, was leaking. The seams where the separate sections came together would be the first place you’d start to see water escaping when then gutters were full.
Rain gutters are made to drain through their downspouts, and not into the walls and foundation of your home. Little leaks like these can quickly lead to major problems at the structural level, defacing your home’s exterior and adding significantly to the chances for rot. Even minor leaks may eventually erode the fasteners that hold those gutters to the roof, creating a serious hazard. It is for this reason that home experts unanimously recommend regular gutter maintenance to ensure everything stays intact.
Besides maintenance, you can reduce the chances of leaks by using seamless aluminum rain gutters! If you’ve never seen these clever devices before, they work essentially like their traditional counterparts, with one major difference – they are cut and bent from a single piece of tubing. To be precise, seamless gutters are not completely seamless. The gutters do actually have seams at the corners of the house. But with professional installation, these corners can be properly sealed to prevent leakage.
Probably the greatest advantage to seamless gutters is that they minimize the amount of maintenance you need to perform every season. You no longer need to go around sealing up seams every ten feet! They come in a wide variety of colors to match your home, and they can withstand heat without becoming brittle in the San Fernando Valley sun, and they will not rust with precipitation along the ocean in Malibu. They are perfect rain gutters for Los Angeles County. Give us a call for a free estimate to install custom seamless gutters on your home! You’ll be surprised how cost-effective they are and how well they really work!

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Preparing for a seamless experience

If this is your first time installing rain gutters on your home, here’s a quick guide for you so you’ll know what to expect!
It helps to do a little research so you have some idea of what gutters you’re going to want. Of course we’re happy to help you decide. You’re in the right place for that already! Our website has photos and this very blog is chock-full of information for you! The two main decisions you’ll need to make are gutter STYLE and MATERIAL.
The first step to get the ball rolling is the estimate. Give us a call, we’ll schedule a time for our estimator to come out and take a look at the property. Even if you know exactly what you want and how many feet you need, we will need to come out and see the property first hand. The estimator looks at many things that will help us to do your job the very best way, such as the slope of the roof, the condition of the rafters and fascia boards, the drainage system around your home, and of course the measurements. This is a great time to ask any questions! Our estimator will be happy to explain everything and offer advice if you’re unsure on any decisions along the way.
After you have the estimate, if you like what you see, call us back to schedule! We will set up a time to come out and put up your brand new gutters.
When the crew arrives, they will promptly do the job agreed upon. If you are getting seamless aluminum gutters, they will be made onsite with a special machine. If you are getting steel or copper, they will be hand-cut, soldered, and customized to your home. If you have any input, questions, or concerns don’t be afraid to voice them to the crew.
When the job is finished and you are satisfied with the work, you may give the crew a check for the cost we quoted in the estimate. The estimated price we give you will be the final price, there will not be any additional charges – unless we add more to the scope of the work, but that will always be discussed with you prior to billing. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, you may call the office and give us your information for us to process payment.
We provide a 5 year warrantee  on new work and 1 year on all repairs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. If anything is not to your satisfaction, let us know! And if you ARE satisfied, let others know! Word of mouth is the best advertisement we could ask for.

Now that you know what to expect, give us a call to get started with a free estimate!

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Don’t overlook rain gutters, Los Angeles

Don’t overlook rain gutters, Los Angeles. They’re one of the most important features on your home! You hardly think about them until you need them, and if something’s wrong, a heavy rain storm is NOT the time to realize your gutters need repairs!

Without properly functioning gutters, water runoff can damage almost every part of the outside of your home, but that’s just the beginning. New paint, new stucco, new fascia boards… all costly!
But water that runs down the outside of your home doesn’t stop there! It pools around the basement walls and/or foundation of your home, where it can seep inside or erode the foundation itself. If there’s one thing that’s harder to deal with than a flooded basement, it’s a shifting foundation!

Fortunately, we have gutters! They will take all that water and usher it safely to where it belongs and won’t be a hazard to your home. Gutters are a relatively inexpensive investment for all the good the do. They can help add value to your home and in some cases, curb appeal too! They come in several materials and styles, so you can choose what’s best for your home and your budget.

Once they’re installed and working properly, be sure you maintain your gutters by cleaning them (or hiring a company to do so) at least once a year, sometimes more if you have a lot of trees over your gutters. There are also gutter screens you can purchase to help keep debris out of your gutters if trees are an issue for you.

Give us a call, we have over 25 years of experience in installing and maintaining rain gutters. We will give you a free estimate! 800-993-1193

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Do You Need Gutters in Los Angeles?

Yes, you need gutters in California. Without gutters, you’re playing a risky game of Russian Water Roulette! It doesn’t take much rain to ruin your home and cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

Your walls, your siding, your stucco, your paint… all of these things are not made to be hit with a steady stream of water! Gutters catch the water coming off your roof before it has a chance to cascade down and cause damage. It can stain your paint, warp your wood, and get under your siding where the damp environment can easily become a breeding ground for mold. Water flowing down the side of your house can easily seep into your windows and now water damage isn’t just outside, it’s inside as well! Once it makes its way down the sides of your home, it will pool along side the house. Soil can only absorb so much water, and then water has to go somewhere else. And all too often, “somewhere else” is your foundation and basement. A basement flood can cost you thousands of dollars, but foundation problems can cost you your house. A house on an unstable foundation can be condemned by the state if you let it go long enough. This is serious business. One good storm could be all it takes. Just because we don’t get as much rain as other areas, doesn’t make the water we DO get less intrusive.

These issues are easily avoidable by installing a simple gutter system. You might be surprised at how affordable gutters can be! They can also be made in a variety of styles and colors to match your home, so they won’t be an eye-sore either!

At Prestigious Raingutters, we have over 25 years experience installing rain gutters in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We offer FREE estimates! Give us a call today – 818-993-0493

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Don’t neglect your most valuable investment.

Los Angeles, you’re very sunny, but your houses actually DO need gutters! Functioning rain gutters are a necessity for maintaining your home, no matter where in the US you are. The problems that can occur if they are blocked up, leaking, or simply not present are very real!

Gutters take the rain water that falls onto your roof and they channel it away from your home, preventing water from damaging siding, fascia boards, exterior paint, windowsills, and shutters. More importantly, they keep water from getting inside your walls, settling around your foundation, or getting into your basement. When water gets inside your home, it’s a real mess! Floors, carpet, and anything that might be left out can be completely ruined!

Without gutters to safely direct water away from the house, it can start to pool around your foundation. If this water penetrates, it can cause your foundation to crack, slide, or even roll. If this happens, the stability and structure of your home are immediately compromised. This is not only dangerous, but expensive too! Water around your foundation can also seep under your floors, which can cause rugs to start molding from the bottom up, wood floors to warp, and can cause electrical damage. All that water can also wick up the wooden structure of your house, and get inside the walls, where it can inspire the growth of unhealthy black mold, even in the relatively dry heat of the Valley.

All of this can be prevented simply by installing and properly maintaining a good rain gutter system. There are lots of options on the market, ranging from seamless aluminum to beautiful copper gutters and galvanized steel as well. There are also different styles, so you can pick one that looks best on your home.

Once installed, you must keep your gutters clean. Gutter screens can go a long way toward making this job easy, but even with them, you should still check your downspouts at least once a year and make sure that everything is flowing properly. By performing this basic maintenance, you can get decades of excellent service out of your rain gutters.

Rain gutters are the best way to prevent all the painful damaging effects of loose water on, in, and around your home. You can’t blame it on the rain this time — Call Prestigious Raingutters for a free estimate. We’ve been in the rain gutter business for over 25 years and can tell you exactly what you need to protect your home!

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Chimney Caps.

Your roof protects your home from rain. You have paneling that is water resistant and keeps your house from being damaged. Your shingles and roofing material keeps water from soaking in and wreaking havoc. You hopefully have gutters that direct excess water away from your house, saving it yet again from the terrors that water can cause. But there is a giant gaping hole in your defense system – literally! Your chimney!!! Do you have a proper chimney cap on it to protect against that tough liquid enemy, rain?

Without being properly capped, a chimney is a problem waiting to happen. It isn’t just rain that can get in, animals and birds and debris can also find its way into your chimney which can be a real hazard when you decide to light a fire.

At Prestigious Raingutters, we also can fit your chimney with a cap and protect your home. Just ask us. 818-993-0493

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