Lose the Seams!

Most all gutters used to be manufactured the same way: steel pieces were soldered together using welding torches. All that changed with the advent of aluminum gutters that required little more than snap-on fasteners and elbow grease to go up. The great advantage of these lightweight, rust-resistant gutters is that they could be installed without difficulty, often in the space of an afternoon. The disadvantage, however, was leaking. The seams where the separate sections came together would be the first place you’d start to see water escaping when then gutters were full.
Rain gutters are made to drain through their downspouts, and not into the walls and foundation of your home. Little leaks like these can quickly lead to major problems at the structural level, defacing your home’s exterior and adding significantly to the chances for rot. Even minor leaks may eventually erode the fasteners that hold those gutters to the roof, creating a serious hazard. It is for this reason that home experts unanimously recommend regular gutter maintenance to ensure everything stays intact.
Besides maintenance, you can reduce the chances of leaks by using seamless aluminum rain gutters! If you’ve never seen these clever devices before, they work essentially like their traditional counterparts, with one major difference – they are cut and bent from a single piece of tubing. To be precise, seamless gutters are not completely seamless. The gutters do actually have seams at the corners of the house. But with professional installation, these corners can be properly sealed to prevent leakage.
Probably the greatest advantage to seamless gutters is that they minimize the amount of maintenance you need to perform every season. You no longer need to go around sealing up seams every ten feet! They come in a wide variety of colors to match your home, and they can withstand heat without becoming brittle in the San Fernando Valley sun, and they will not rust with precipitation along the ocean in Malibu. They are perfect rain gutters for Los Angeles County. Give us a call for a free estimate to install custom seamless gutters on your home! You’ll be surprised how cost-effective they are and how well they really work!

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