Cap it!

Your roof protects your home from rain. You have paneling that is water resistant and keeps your house from being damaged. Your shingles and roofing material keeps water from soaking in and wreaking havoc. You hopefully have gutters that direct excess water away from your house, saving it yet again from the terrors that water can cause. But there is a giant gaping hole in your defense system – literally! Your chimney!!! Do you have a proper chimney cap on it to protect against that tough liquid enemy, rain?

Without being properly capped, a chimney is a problem waiting to happen. It isn’t just rain that can get in, animals and birds and debris can also find its way into your chimney which can be a real hazard when you decide to light a fire.

At Prestigious Raingutters, we also can fit your chimney with a cap and protect your home. Just ask us. 818-993-0493

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