Can’t Hang the Rain Gutters Without the Hangers

Putting up rain gutters has come a long way from the spike and ferrule method. Now days not only is there a large variety of the rain gutters themselves but a multitude of rain gutter hangers are also available. For many standard sized rain gutters, especially for a seamless gutter system, the preferred hanger is a K style hd quick screw hanger where the screw is 1.5 to 2 inches long and can easily be drilled directly into the fascia board. That’s not to say this type of hidden bracket is the only or even the best type of hanger in every situation.
Rain gutter hangers are generally attached every two feet starting from the middle to keep the gutters in place and to strengthen the front edge.To make sure the water drains properly it’s important to attach the rain gutter hangers at a slight slope. This allows gravity to do its job and direct any collected rain water toward the downspout and away from the house. Another type of hanger is a wrap around, this type offers a secure fit and is great at keeping the gutters in place, however, it’s not the best for aesthetic purposes. Looking up at the house, this type of hanger is visible from the outside versus the quick screw which stays hidden inside the gutter. If the hanger is to be seen from the outside, they are designed to match the exterior of the house, most hangers are available in aluminum, copper and galvanized. The two major types of hangers are the K style and the half round gutter hangers to fit the type of rain gutter they are attaching to the house.
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