Using Downspouts to Protect the Foundation

Buying a home is an exciting time and protecting that investment is important. A good way to do that is with insurance, earthquake, fire, flood or any other type that keeps the home covered from dangers prevalent to the area. A top notch security system protects from uninvited guests, as does outside lighting and security locks on both doors and windows. With so many aspects of the home to protect, it’s important not to forget about the foundation.
The foundation holds up the rest of the house, making sure its level and safe. Without a proper rain gutter system in place, particularly, the lack of rain downspouts may lead to a damaged foundation. The purpose of rain downspouts is to direct water away from the house. Otherwise it would pour alongside the house, into the ground and down to the foundation weakening and eventually damaging the very base of the house. Just like the symbolism of having a strong foundation is important, so is the literal foundation of a house.
There are many styles of houses and a variety of rain downspouts to match and complement the home. Then can be purchased in plain white aluminum or galvanized steel. They are also available in copper both rectangular and wide spiral shaped as well as plain round. The elbow is the portion of the pipe near the ground that does the directing of water flow away from the foundation. In fact, it can be modified to water a garden or flow into a rain barrel. Making the most of water is important in Southern California and having a good rain gutter system allows a homeowner to do that by controlling its direction through the use of a downspout.
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