Why San Fernando Valley Rain Gutters Need Regular Replacement

San Fernando Valley rain gutters are no different than any other — without proper maintenance, they can cause more trouble than they save. In general, rain gutters are quite durable, and can last two or three decades without needing to be replaced, but that doesn’t mean you can’t double check them on a regular basis. Any one component that gets damaged can cause a cascade of harm that will require replacement much sooner than normal.

Similarly, any gutter that’s gotten clogged, cracked, warped, punctured, or disconnected from its neighbors or from its downspout can lead to extensive damage to the whole gutter assembly if it’s not attended to promptly.

The purpose of a gutter assembly is to take rainwater safely away from the roof — and more importantly the foundation — of a building. Without gutters, the risks of mold growth, water damage, and erosion around the foundation increase dramatically. Damaged rain gutters will allow water to pool on your lawn, in your garden, and eventually, around the bottom of your house. That’s the most important reason why San Fernando Valley rain gutters need regular replacement.

Before you decide to install new gutters, of course, it’s valuable to clean out the old ones. The chances are that they’re damaged enough to require replacement, but maybe you’ll be able to keep some of it and save yourself a bit of expense. Of course, if you’re concerned with the aesthetics of your house, you may want to replace your whole gutter setup at once in order to maintain the same image across the entire roofline.

In general, you’ll want a professional to help you. You can DIY it with a ladder, a hacksaw, and a circular saw, but it’s only worth the effort if you’re really hardcore about the handyman thing. You can usually find someone to help by asking around at the local Home Depot or by looking up gutter installations on Google. The best part about paying for professional help is that you often get a guarantee with it.

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