What Are Rain Chains?

Rain chains are the unique alternative to traditional downspouts. The purpose of a rain chain is to channel water from the top of the home to the ground. These chains originated in Japan and are a common way to transport water away from the home in Japan. The chains are often highly decorative and can be found on temples or classically styled homes throughout the country of Japan.

Are They Efficient?

After the installation of a rain chain, you shouldn’t expect to see any drainage problems on account of your new installation. It must be said however that when compared to traditional rain downspouts, rain chains are less effective. However, the effectiveness is largely dependent on how the chains were installed and what style was used?

Is It Just A Chain?

In most cases, a chain link is used to connect a number of cups, metal flowers, or other ornaments that help transport water down the chain. It may be that the rain chain is nothing more than a chain link. However, often home and business owners desire to style their chains to make them more aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

How Is The Rain Chain Installed?

These chains don’t affect the gutter system on the top of your home. Instead, a chain is merely installed in a gutter system to take the place of the traditional downspout. To make sure that your rain chain will work efficiently, it’s advisable that you hire a professional to carry out the installation.

How Do They Keep Water Away From The Home?

Unlike traditional downspouts, chains do not push water away from the home. To make sure that rainwater doesn’t pool at the bottom of your chain, install a French drain to ensure that water is being carried a safe distance from your home.

To have your unique rain chain installed in your home, call the Prestigious Rain Gutters company at 818-993-0493. These professionals are one of the few companies to offer rain chain installations in the Northridge, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties.

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