Put Some Style in Your Gutters!

Rain gutters come in different shapes, or styles. The two most common are K-Style (also referred to as OGEE Style) and Half-Round.

What’s the difference?

Half Round gutters look like a half-circle, hence the name. The half-round profile goes with virtually any style of home architecture. They can also be made with different materials; such as copper, steel, or aluminum. Half-round gutters are most commonly used in southern California on spanish style homes. They’re often used on custom homes as well, and the shape even allows for the material (most commonly copper) to be embossed, for a very elegant touch to the architecture of the home. Half-round gutters function the same way as K-Style gutters, and they are usually paired with a matching round downspout. The half-round design is sometimes easier to clean because the surface is smooth, and there are no corners or creases for dirt or debris to become lodged.
K-Style or OGEE gutters (“Ogee” is an architectural term for a form that goes from small to large) are arguably the most popular type of gutter installed today. When you look at a K-Style gutter straight on, they have an appearance on your roofline that resembles the shape of crown molding on your indoor ceilings. Their attractive shape and reasonable price makes them appeal to homeowners. They are highly effective, and can hold more water than a half round style gutter with the equivalent diameter. They can be made of different materials as well, such as seamless aluminum, steel, and copper. The downspouts on K-Style gutters are often rectangular. K-Styles are often ideal for applications where a flat fascia has been installed. For slanted or angled fascia, brackets are applied so that the gutter hangs securely at the correct angle.
There is a third, less common style of gutters known as Box Gutters. A box gutter does not hang onto the edge of a roof or side of a house as the other gutters do. A box gutter is actually built into the bottom of the roof or into the roof overhang. Because they must be custom made to fit your home, they are usually made of steel. Box gutters date back to the 1800s and can be found on many older homes. It is harder to control the slope on box-gutters, which is why most people today prefer other styles. Gutters that do not slope properly will back up and over-flow. However, box gutters are still a good option for some homes, depending on the roof lines.

Whichever style you choose, Prestigious Raingutters can make sure your gutters are properly installed and work to protect your home from water damage. Call us for a free estimate.

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