Keeping Your Rain Gutters in Top Shape

Installing a rain gutter system in a home is a vital part in keeping it free from water damage. It protects the roof from having rain water pool on top and seeping into the walls and into the house itself. That damage can be anything from unsightly water stains to mold to damage of electrical components if it reaches a wiring system. Proper rain gutters also protect the foundation by diverting the water away from the base of the house. The downspout and splash blocks prevents the water from the roof from seeping into the ground and eventually causing cracks and other damage at the base of the house.
Just like everything else, even the best drainage system requires regular maintenance. Rain gutter cleaning is essential to allowing it to do its job. Rain gutters have a tendency to catch more than rain water, most notably leaves from the surrounding trees and well as other debris that may be carried by the wind. Regular cleaning prevents clogged downspouts, keeps the gutters affixed to the house and extends its overall longevity. Because they are located high up off the ground, higher on multi-storie structures, it may be safer to call a professional who specializes in rain gutter cleaning. While they are up there, a professional will also be able to see if the gutter needs to be tightened or any other adjustments are needed. Although not often, but there is also the possibility of a various creatures making a home for themselves in and around rain gutters. Sometimes birds or wasps may build themselves nests just under the roof of a home. Specialized businesses such as Prestigious Raingutters are well aware of these hazards and will take care to complete the job professionally without incident.
Prestigious Raingutters and General Sheet Metal. Serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for 25 years, call for a free estimate 800-993-1193 or 818-993-0493.

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