Hanging with your Rain Gutters

A common problem with rain gutters is their pulling away from the fascia board they are attached to. Not only does this sagging look bad, but it throws off the slope, and the water they catch will not drain to the downspouts properly!
There are many ways in which to hang rain gutters. Spikes, straps, brackets, or many different types of hangers such as K Style hangers, wrap-around hangers, screw hangers, t-straps, hidden hangers, bus bar hangers… it can get very confusing!
At the end of the day, it comes down to what type of gutter you have, what material they are made of, and what the conditions of your home are. Here in Southern California, we don’t have to worry about things like snow and ice weighing our gutters down and making them pull away from the house, however we do have to consider Santa Ana winds, which can do some real damage. Some materials corode more quickly when in contact with the salty air near the beach, too.
Since there are so many choices and there are so many specific factors involved, we take each home into individual consideration when deciding on hangers. There isn’t “one hanger for this type, one hanger for that” – each situation is given an evaluation and from there we make a recommendation. If you are having problems with your gutters sagging or pulling away from your home, give us a call and we’ll come out and give you a free estimate to determine what needs to be done to properly secure your gutter system. Let our 25 years of experience ease your mind and give you guidance!

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