Gutter Screens

Any building owner can relate to the importance of having the proper gutter protection around their structure. This is available in gutter screens. These units are designed to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating in the canal and backing up water. This problem is common where there are overhanging trees or other foliage which drops sticks and leaves onto the roof.
When the gutters are not adequately protected from debris accumulation, serious damage to the structure can result. This can be in the form of rotted wood, fungus growth and the units being torn from their fastening. In addition, water can seep down the building and damage the foundation or leak into the attic. These kinds of damages can result in a very expensive repair bill.
Installing over-sized canals and downspouts is one method people have tried, in order to solve the debris accumulation problem. This consisted of a 3″ x 4″ downspout and a 6″ gutter. However, they soon found that these, too, had to have debris protection. When screens are added, a safeguard is provided, regardless of unit size.

This type of protection eliminates the problems incurred when trying to clean these units by hand. Manual cleaning can be dangerous. Many people have been injured while trying to accomplish this task. This protection also stops the accumulation of organic materials which can attract insects, birds, and even squirrels that can cause further damage. Animals have been known to live in gutters, causing blockage, scratches, holes, and the excess weight can cause your gutters to pull away from the roof. The worst case scenario is that they fall, which could cause serious injury.
Screens will save you time and money when doing your gutter cleaning and maintenance. It will prove to be a valuable investment for your home.
If you would like to install screens to your gutter system, call us at Prestigious Raingutters. We offer competitive pricing and will be sure that your screens are installed properly.

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