Do You Need Gutters in Los Angeles?

Yes, you need gutters in California. Without gutters, you’re playing a risky game of Russian Water Roulette! It doesn’t take much rain to ruin your home and cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

Your walls, your siding, your stucco, your paint… all of these things are not made to be hit with a steady stream of water! Gutters catch the water coming off your roof before it has a chance to cascade down and cause damage. It can stain your paint, warp your wood, and get under your siding where the damp environment can easily become a breeding ground for mold. Water flowing down the side of your house can easily seep into your windows and now water damage isn’t just outside, it’s inside as well! Once it makes its way down the sides of your home, it will pool along side the house. Soil can only absorb so much water, and then water has to go somewhere else. And all too often, “somewhere else” is your foundation and basement. A basement flood can cost you thousands of dollars, but foundation problems can cost you your house. A house on an unstable foundation can be condemned by the state if you let it go long enough. This is serious business. One good storm could be all it takes. Just because we don’t get as much rain as other areas, doesn’t make the water we DO get less intrusive.

These issues are easily avoidable by installing a simple gutter system. You might be surprised at how affordable gutters can be! They can also be made in a variety of styles and colors to match your home, so they won’t be an eye-sore either!

At Prestigious Raingutters, we have over 25 years experience installing rain gutters in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We offer FREE estimates! Give us a call today – 818-993-0493

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