Directing Waterflow with Splash Blocks

To enjoy a home for an extended period of time it is important to take care of it. There are the large aspects such as the roof, the walls and plumbing and electrical systems; but there is also a number of small things without which significant damage may result. Some of them may be the protective strip keeping windows waterproof or a splash block which prevents water from pooling near the base of the house. These splash blocks are located under the downspouts outside the house and are either plastic or concrete. They are rectangular in shape with an open and a closed end. This design helps to guide the water away from the house when it comes down through the downspout, which is important since by then it is no longer rain drops but a flow that has collected in the rain gutters.
Installing this simple device prevents significant problems, even structural damage to the house. The water can pool or flow backwards toward the foundation and soak in causing cracks and hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage. It is important to note that when new grass is being put in, the gardener may turn these splash blocks pointing toward the house so as to let the seeds take root without being washed away from the water being directed at them with the splash block. The homeowner must remember to turn the blocks so that the open end is facing away from the house after it is no longer a danger to the grass or whatever was planted in the water’s path. In conclusion, correctly installing and maintaining the splash blocks around the house is an easy step in preventing future damage to the home’s foundation.
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