Choosing The Perfect Commercial Rain Gutters

Commercial rain gutters keep businesses safe and unblemished from the throes of Mother Nature. Keeping a company afloat means installing commercial gutters that can be depended on. However, with all the different types of gutters on the market, you’ll have to do some serious thinking before making your purchase.

K-Style or Half-Round Style In Los Angeles?

When it comes to efficient drainage, the half-round style takes the cake. However, when considering which of these two to purchase, you must also take into account the style. Half-round style gutters are generally used on buildings with antique architectural styles. K-style gutters are used on contemporary properties. K-style is the type most found in Los Angeles. The first step in your gutter purchasing process is choosing which style you wish to use for your company.

Seamed or Seamless Commercial Rain Gutters?

Seamless rain gutters have been proven to be more efficient than seamed ones. Seamed gutters are more likely to leak where joints are connected. Seamless gutters require being installed by professionals due to the use of specific machinery.

Rain Chain or Traditional Downspout?

Downspouts are vertical pipes that connect rain gutters to the ground level of the building. Rain chains are literal chains that have the same purpose as downspouts yet offer an aesthetic appeal that downspouts don’t. Rain chains are literal chains that gradually transport water from the roof to the ground. Rain chains don’t often transport water away from the building. Instead, holes are often dug and filled with decorative rocks in order to safely tuck water away. It must be noted that traditional downspouts drain water more efficiently than chains do. However, as mentioned before, the take away is that chains are much easier on the eyes.

No matter which type of commercial rain gutters you choose for your home, the experts at Prestigious Rain Gutters are available to help you install them. Call the company that supports clients in the Northridge, Los Angeles, and Ventura County communities at 818-993-0493.

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