Choosing Rain Gutters for a Home

Just like homes are available in many colors and styles so are rain gutters. For the standardized, modern house rectangular shaped aluminum gutters may be the best fit. They are light-weight, versatile and go well with most styles of exteriors. They are easy to work with and are less expensive than some other alternatives. Spanish style homes may look better with a copper rain gutter, the standard 16oz version are slightly better than their aluminum counterparts. The main benefit of these types of gutters, other than the look, is the lack of mildew.
The galvanized steel gutters are coated with a layer of zinc. This type is stronger than others but is prone to rust and requires more upkeep. Installing leaf protectors will further ensure that leaves and other debris will not settle and clog the rain gutters. If the strength of zinc is preferred, a coating of aluminum is also available in a form of galvalume. This is achieved through a hot dipping process with 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. Needless to say galvalume last significantly longer than galvanized steel. Zinc gutters can often be left unpainted because they have a tendency of developing a protective patina which protects it from weathering and corrosion. They are generally higher in price but their longevity and lack of maintenance make them a preferred choice for those homeowners who wish to install and not be concerned about their rain gutters for a long time.
Rain gutters are one part of the whole drainage system that a well maintained home should have. There are also the hangers which attach them to the house, the downspout affixed vertically and an elbow which directs the water flow away from the foundation with the help of a splash block.
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