Can Aluminum Gutters Stand The Test of Time?

Everyone knows that steel and copper gutters last a long time. There are many homes built in the 20s that still have their original, functioning steel and/or copper gutters. But in the last 20 years or so, aluminum gutters came onto the scene and became all the rage. Why should I consider aluminum over the tried & true steel or copper gutters I’m accustomed to?

There are many advantages of using aluminum rain gutters. First and foremost – lack of seams! Aluminum gutters can be made seamlessly. A coil of material is placed into a special machine which extrudes the rain gutter to the exact length you need! Other types of material typically come in 10 foot sections which then need to be connected to eachother. A 40 foot section of roof line might have 3 seams in it, which need to be sealed or soldered and are usually the first places which start leaking over time. But using aluminum, the entire 40 foot length would be one continuous piece, eliminating such concerns.
Another advantage – color! Steel gutters need to be painted. Aluminum gutters come in a wide variety of colors. The gutters we use at Prestigious Raingutters have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer against chipping or flaking. Steel gutters will most likely need to be repainted at some point in their lifespan, whereas aluminum gutters will hold their color.
And with the economy the way it is, the biggest advantage aluminum can offer to some people – PRICE! The cost of aluminum is significantly less than other types of materials.
But are they able to stand up to the test of time? Yes! Aluminum gutters, when properly maintained, can last for up to 50 years! Aluminum is a light-weight material, therefore it is slightly easier to ding and dent than a heavy steel gutter, so be careful when leaning ladders against them or doing anything else than might put pressure on them. Keep other metals from coming into contact with your aluminum gutters. Especially if you are very close to the salty ocean air, because this speeds up electrolysis. Most importantly, keep your gutters clean! Debris clogging your gutters not only decreases their functionality, but it also can damage the gutters themselves, so be sure to clean them out at least once a year – the optimum time for this is right at the end of summer before the first fall rains begin. Adding screens to your gutters can help keep debris out, but it is not an excuse to stop cleaning them entirely.

At Prestigious Raingutters, we have over 25 years of experience installing and maintaining aluminum gutters. Give us a call for a free estimate! 800-993-1193

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