Are You Ready for the Rain???

Well Southern California, we’ve all enjoyed a great summer, but it’s starting to wind down… Soon the kids will be back in school, there will be that cool crispness in the air, and it will start to rain. Is your home prepared?
When it starts raining in fall, if you don’t have a proper gutter system to protect your home, by the holidays you might have to put “fix water damage” at the top of your wish list. Water causes costly problems, such as damage to your paint, wood rot, leaks into your home, and damage to the whole foundation of your house!
“But I have gutters!” you say? Great! That’s the first step. But have you done yearly maintence to them? All summer debris has been collecting in them and perhaps a section has come a bit loose, but you haven’t noticed because it hasn’t been raining! Believe me, our first big rain storm is not when you want to find out about these problems! You need to have your gutters checked and cleaned NOW to save yourself headaches later.
At Prestigious Raingutters, we can clean your gutters and downspouts, re-secure them to your home so they will be nice and sturdy, and seal any unwanted leaks that you might have, especially around seams or corners. Your gutters will be up and running in perfect condition before the rain. Call us today for a free estimate!

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