Aluminum Gutters in Los Angeles? You Betcha!

Rain gutters in Los Angeles come in a pretty decent variety — copper, steel, vinyl, and even wood or zinc — but by far the most popular gutters are made of aluminum. Here’s a quick rundown as to why.

Aluminum gutter systems have improved significantly in recent years. In the past, they had significant problems with paint coming off, and they were a bit too flexible. Today, however, those problems have been solved, and aluminum is an excellent gutter choice. Here’s a few things to look for when you go aluminum gutter shopping:

Thickness. Put simply, if it ain’t at least 8/25ths of an inch thick, don’t use it. Anything less than that won’t stand up to having a ladder leaning on it, and may collapse under the weight of a significant blockage.

Paint. Check the warranty on your aluminum gutters — it should extend several years into the future, ensuring that the paint won’t come off anytime soon. Keep in mind, though, that seamless aluminum gutters are made of a different stock and have less ability to hold paint than traditional gutters do. That said, seamless gutters are less prone to breaking than traditional gutters are.

Attachments. Don’t bother with the spike-and-ferrule type of gutter hangings that look like you’re just nailing the gutter to your house. As the gutters expand and contract with the swells of each rainstorm, they’ll slowly work those spikes loose, and you’ll just end up replacing your gutters that much sooner. Instead use hangers that allow your gutters to swell and contract without affecting the hanger.

Installation Getting aluminum gutters installed is easier than other types of gutters because aluminum is lighter than the other metals commonly used in gutter making. Furthermore, if you’re willing to have professionals come over and do it, you can have seamless aluminum gutters created on-site to perfectly meet the needs of your home.

Rain gutters are essential to protecting your LA home. Without them, you’re risking foundational erosion, wood rot, basement flooding, and a host of other issues. Aluminum gutters are an inexpensive method of avoiding these problems and more. If you need to replace the gutters on your home, consider aluminum gutters

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