5 Rain Downspouts Tips To Improve Drainage

Rain downspouts connect gutters to the ground. Their purpose is to collect that water that has landed on your roof and channel it to the ground floor. An efficient downspout will push water far enough away from your home so that it doesn’t pool up and wreak havoc on your house’s foundation. To get the most out of your downspouts, heed the following tips on how to increase efficiency.

Inspect And Clean Gutters

A clog will mean that the flow of water from the top to the bottom of your home is being inhibited. This could damage the integrity of your downspout. Clean drains twice a year and replace gutters every 20-25 years.

Extend The Rain Downspout

Have you found that even with a downspout installed, water is still pooling close to your home? An easy fix to this is to simply extend the downspout. Doing so will push water so that it’s a safe distance from the home.

Alter The Slope

It’s possible that water doesn’t have enough momentum to get pushed away from the home. You may have found that water is pooling in your downspout. If this is the case, you’ll want to make the slope of the downspout steeper.

Add A Splash Block

A splash block is placed under the downspout. This block’s purpose is to carry water away from the home once it has exited the spout. Blocks are easy to install and are cost-efficient. When you place yours below the downspout make sure it’s positioned in such a way that it leads water away from the home.

Surround The Downspout With Thirsty Plants

Aid in downspout drainage by planting thirsty plants around the spout. Proper landscaping will offer a natural solution to draining issues while making your yard more attractive.

If you’re a Northridge, Los Angeles, or Ventura County resident and you want to fix up your rain downspout, call the company of the Prestigious Rain Gutters at 818-993-0493.

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